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The following links provide news and articles for the manufacturing industry. These articles include information on OEE and other tools available today for Lean Manufacturing.


Gemba Solutions provide a 30 day trial of our manual data entry solution allowing you to evaluate and prove your current overall equipment effectiveness.

Running Rings around the competition


Ten great reasons to use Spreadsheets for OEE


Carrington Wire choose OEE IMPACT software as part of their Lean Manufacturing program and save £ 30k on two machines


New low cost Real-time Data Collection Terminals boost Lean Manufacturing and OEE Holy Grail


OEM companies turn to OEE to meet their clients’ test criteria


OEE IMPACT Connect provides the first really affordable Lean Manufacturing software product for collecting and reporting real-time manufacturing data.


SCADA systems get a new lease of life with a powerful OEE reporting software addition


Now any ERP system can aid your lean manufacturing program and report Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)


Consultants Driving Lean Manufacturing with OEE Software


Can you excel at OEE ? Can EXCEL deliver OEE ? or do you need to make a greater OEE IMPACT ?


OEE and MES systems


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More on Gemba Solutions and manufacturing efficiency.




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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT
















"More resources for Manufacturing Efficiency"


"How does OEE fit into a Manufacturing Execution System Framework"


"OEE IMPACT includes over 200 reports, providing the tools for a process of Manufacturing Improvement" 
















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