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OEE IMPACT ME can be setup and running in a day,  allowing you to start making your process improvements. We understand the importance of training in introducing new ideas to a company, so our products include a free training course.



1. Training

Attend a OEE IMPACT ME training course which will provide you with further information on OEE and using OEE IMPACT ME

2. Configuration

Configuration of the system is simple and fast using our dedicated step by step process. The configuration interface will guide you through the  stages and information needed. Once step up you are ready to get started.


3. Data Collection

We provide you with a sample set of forms for use on the shop floor for collecting the production data. These are designed for simple entry by production staff minimising their time spent filing out paper.

4. Data Entry

Our data entry input has saved customers 500.00 a week alone in time saved entering data. The interface minimises mouse and keyboard use and intelligent look ups are used on data entry fields. This task can be undertaken by general administration staff, who are aided by inbuilt error checking routines in the system for validity checking.


5. Improvements

OEE IMPACT ME provides a host of tools for making informed decisions on your data. From the basic information you collect for OEE we are able to provide you with over 150 different reports and views on the data. The package provides a simple report picker that allows you to drill down on your information to find your hot spots and areas for improvement. 


6. Identified problems.

When you have found a problem area, you can save your report selection so you can quickly find it again, promoting discussions with other personnel. You can also create a list of your favourite reports for quick recall allowing weekly or monthly management reports to be recalled quickly and easily.

7. Distribution of data

OEE IMPACT is always supplied as an unlimited user system allowing you to deploy our software to the employees that are able make informed decisions. Making the results freely available where it is needed promotes a culture of continuous improvement. OEE IMPACT ME is able to email reports/results to mangers and users on your request.


8. Expansion

You can expand you system at anytime to include new assets and machines. Many of our customers will progress from our manual entry system to a Real-time plant connect system then realising further gains through the added functionality we can provide you with real time data.

Real Time Systems





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.        OEE and Excel
.        Using ME
.    Reports
.    Manufacturing Efficiency
.    Manufacturing Capacity
.    SCADA and ERP



Your Next Step

Why not try our web based manual entry system ?  


Request a demo of our plant connected system       


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