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What is OEE

If you don’t measure it how can you hope to manage it!

No matter what type of process or manufacturing operation you are involved in and regardless of company size you are likely to be under constant pressure to improve performance, improve quality and increase equipment availability. OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness provides a solution.


Targeting any one of these three key areas for improvement, availability, performance or quality, may seem a major task and addressing all three together may seem like the holy grail. However, if these areas can be addressed simultaneously then significant improvements can be made throughout the production process, output can be increased, product variation can be expanded and production cost reductions can be achieved using OEE.


OEE is a simple but clever calculation which focuses on individual items of process or manufacturing equipment at a finite level and allows their ‘effectiveness’ to be measured individually or in groups (i.e. with other equipment items). The OEE calculation is based on the ratio of the three key production parameters, availability, performance, and quality with time (e.g. planned shift time/s) being used as the baseline measurement.


OEE made up

What is OEE and how is it calculated:

OEE% = Availability % x Performance% x Quality%


Availability % = actual running time / planned cell production time
Performance% = pieces produced / the theoretical cell production rate
Quality % = good pieces / total pieces made

So why invest in yet more expensive capital equipment when you may already have the extra capacity that you require ?




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