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Process Trending

Providing a new dimension to process trending

OEE IMPACT Connect’s Process Trending Module will give you a unique insight in to the way your manufacturing process actually works, and how that affects the quality of your products, the life of your machines and the cost of your operation.


You can gain a significant advantage over your competition by using this module to analyse your processes and make changes that will have a real impact on your customer satisfaction and your bottom line.

What does it do?

Most manufacturing processes will have a key set of parameters that directly affect the quality of the finished product, for instance:

  • Temperature of ovens

  • Torque measurement on assembly machines

  • Cutting speeds

  • Moulding pressure

  • Flow rates of lubricants

  • Vibration and acoustic measurements to predict machine failure

Understanding variation in these parameters and the effect of that variation on your production process is a vital tool in improving product quality and lowering production costs.

Plot data against reference points

The OEE IMPACT Process Viewer allows you to record data against a number of reference points, such as time, shift, product run, date etc.  In many batch processes, there are critical stages that the product goes through, requiring conformance to a set profile to maintain quality of the product. 


The Process Viewer gives you the ability to configure a profile and then plot data against it to highlight variation.





Viewing real-time and historical data

The template wizard allows you to create your own graphs for displaying data, and provides an extensive range of interactive tools for analysis purposes. The sophisticated viewing tool allows you to pan along axes, zoom in on an area of data on the graph, apply multiple pen plots to the same chart etc,  

View historical or live data, or a combination of the two on one chart.

Data can be logged at set intervals for continuous processes or could be triggered by an external event.  To optimise storage space we are also able to log data only when a parameter that should remain constant actually changes.

How could I use it?

Use the Process Trending Module in a variety of ways to lower production costs, reject levels and downtime, and increase customer satisfaction and profit:

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive maintenance is a methodology that can help you to reduce or eliminate unplanned downtime in your plant.  By recording machine parameters such as vibration or acoustic levels, you will be able to predict when a machine is in need of attention prior to a major failure occurring. 


The Process Trending Module will allow you to have a clear and concise view of this data and associated trending information will alert you to problems before they occur.


Product Quality


Out-of-tolerance parameters in your manufacturing process can significantly contribute to scrap and rework levels.

  • Temperature variance can have a detrimental affect on processes such as case hardening 

  • Varying humidity levels can affect  final quality in  paper production

  • Inconsistent torque levels in a bottle capping process can result in leakage

All of the examples above, along with many others, can either be automatically triggered by the Annunciator module, or triggered manually by push button etc. 

It just got a whole lot easier to increase shop-floor productivity…..



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