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SCADA systems get a new lease of life with a powerful OEE reporting software addition


For the past 10 years, SCADA systems have provided the best option for most operational staff for the monitoring and control of process and manufacturing systems. However, due to their historical design restraints, these systems have always been plagued with poor reporting tools for providing manufacturing management information. This has been compounded by the emergence of Lean Manufacturing initiatives such as Six Sigma, Kaizen, QRM and Overall Equipment Effectiveness to name but a few,  which require a somewhat different historical data logging structure that SCADA systems just do not have.


Ask almost any SCADA system to provide a pareto chart of the top ten stoppage reasons, by shift, as a standard report, or an OEE report by machine against a single product type, and this would likely be done through an SQL query being built – something normally requiring an experienced programmer to perform.




This has now been rectified with the new low-cost addition to the industry-acclaimed OEE IMPACT software of the new OEEIMPACT Connect module.  This new module provides the data interface to virtually any SCADA system, allowing this valuable process data to be transformed into meaningful manufacturing information and giving the use of the OEE IMPACT user-friendly reporting tool.


All the hard work for converting the logged data is done with the OEEIMPACT Connect interface, allowing users to run any one of its 200 standard manufacturing reports with its “click and shoot” report generator. So, if you need flexible reporting of: OEE, machine downtimes, setup times, product, shift and operator performance and much more, OEE IMPACT plus the new OEEIMPACT Connect interface is the easy and cost effective solution.



A full product trial version is available though a web download at www.oeeimpact.com or CD sent via the post.


Give your SCADA system a new lease of life with OEE IMPACT.


OEE IMPACT  OEE Software www.oeeimpact.com




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