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OEE Reports


OEE IMPACT provides a comprehensive set of OEE reports to help in analysing and improving your manufacturing efficiency. OEE IMPACT provides over 200 OEE reports and views on manufacturing performance.



OEE Report Views


OEE IMPACT provides some of the most unique and powerful views available on your data, allowing rapid and informed decisions to be made. To be effective, more than just a Pareto chart and list of stoppages are needed - OEE IMPACT provide:


Trends, pie charts, bar graphs, stacked graphs, data matrix, Downtime, OEE time line, Production records and many more.


The report query tool provides a rapid user interface for drilling down from a plant ,cell level to an individual problem.


OEE Time Line


OEE IMPACT provides a data-driven OEE Time Line graph, a simple tool which helps explain to all levels of management and operators where the losses are occurring


OEE Report - OEE Timeline Report



OEE Report MDI Interface


OEE IMPACT provides a multi-window interface allowing many charts to be open at the same time. Through this interface different views can be compared and analysed, enabling bottlenecks and problem areas to be identified. The chart display facility also supports full zoom and pan, allowing the user to 'drill down' for more information.


A list of the OEE reports can be found on the OEE IMPACT Reports datasheet.


Graphic and Tabular OEE Reports


When viewing a graphical report how many times have you wanted access to the raw data so that you can view it in a different way or with additional information? With OEE IMPACT it's simple - behind every chart there is an exposed data matrix that can be viewed or copied to the Windows Clip board. This can then be pasted straight into any standard spreadsheet package (i.e. Excel) for further manipulation and analysis.


OEE Report Delivery


Although OEE IMPACT is a multi-user system you may want to distribute reports to other people within the organisation for production meetings, maintenance meetings, 6 Sigma, etc. OEE IMPACT will automatically deliver reports via email, publish to web pages, save to file, generate  XML files or print to hardcopy.


My Favourite OEE Reports


With over 200 reports to choose from selection can be confusing - with OEE IMPACT you can save and place your favourite reports in a "My Favourite" menu tab for later or repeated display.





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Your Next Step

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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT



"OEE IMPACT reports are all available in graphical and tabular format. The tabular data can be exported straight to Excel, HTML, XML and CSV format"


"OEE IMPACT reports allows you to drill down from a plant level to an individual fault, relating OEE, Downtime and Wastage, to Shifts, Products, People and periods"




IMPACT Reports


Data Sheet





" Review the vast array of oee reports offered by OEE IMPACT , OEE and much, much more"


" Do you want to make OEE part of a Planned Maintenance system. This WEB site provides useful information"


OEE Reports - Wastage


OEE Reports - Data Entry


OEE Reports - OEE Components


OEE Reports - Downtime




















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