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OEE-IMPACT offers a comprehensive set of tools which will help you to rapidly make improvements through an Overall Equipment Effectiveness programme. Our OEE Software allows the user to implement a solution which best suits their budget and programme status.



" Manual Entry and Plant Connected Solutions "



For the 'new recruit', OEE-IMPACT allows the user to implement an affordable pilot scheme that can be expanded as the benefits are felt and the requirement expands. With the entry level system 5 assets can be monitored and data manually collected using the supplied shop floor collection forms. An entry level system can be up and running in hours.



OEE-IMPACT provides a Plant Connected solution with connections to your production assets gathering information as it happens allowing you to react to the current product status.


OEE Software for Overall Equipment EffectivenessOEE IMPACT Connect provides a host of additional features Including:



Real time Graphics builder, Asset Dashboard, Production Dashboard, Event Viewer, Andon, Production Scoreboard .....




Expansion is catered for in many ways - OEE-IMPACT allows additional assets to be added in a modular fashion and data to be collected, from manual sources to real time automated signal monitoring.

OEE Software solutionsReport Generation

Report Generation is at the heart of the system. OEE-IMPACT provides more than just O.E.E, extending the limits to allow further analysis of the logged production information. OEE-IMPACT provides you with the tools to break down your production loses into numerous categories - Downtime, Wastage, Setup Times, Maintenance Stoppages, Mean Time To Failure - the list is as big as your imagination. OEE-IMPACT does not impose on you the way the data is collected or correlated, for this reason we can provide over 150 production efficiency reports.



OEE Software providing Product Overall Equipment Effectiveness.  One of the unique features of OEE-IMPACT is its ability to filter information for reports. Production runs and products can be logged and compared, allowing the user to analyse the effect of a particular product run on a specific machine and on its results.


Configuration is achieved simply and effectively, allowing systems to be rapidly configured and deployed. OEE-IMPACT's unique design allows you to add additional logging categories and groups to provide further production gains.


OEE-IMPACT allows you to report on major categories:

  • Unscheduled downtime

  • Failures

  • Rejects

  • Overall Equipment Effectiveness

  • Production statistics

  • Production effectiveness

  • Scheduled Downtime

For more information on reports see OEE-IMPACT Reports


Many of the features found in OEE-IMPACT are unique and have been design to manufacturing personnel requirements ensuring the software is more than a toolkit to see data.





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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT



"OEE-IMPACT can be used as an integral part of a 6-Sigma improvement system identifying problems and providing measured results"


OEE IMPACT Software, expandable OEE solutions for manufacturing. 



OEE IMPACT's continuous improvement cycle

OEE Software

"O.E.E. identifies the losses in production via the OEE-IMPACT Software time line"


"OEE Software demonstration system, request your OEE-IMPACT evaluation demonstration"


"Product Brochure"


"OEE Software for Manufacturing efficiency Improvements" 










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