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Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)  Data Collection

For over ten years Gemba Solutions have been providing management information systems with integrated automatic data collection capability and we know from experience that the major cost of any Management Information system can be its installation and connection to the plant. OEE-IMPACT offers three levels of plant data collection which have been optimised to suit any budget.


Manufacturing Efficiency improvements can only effectively be achieved through a planned approach to the monitoring and gathering of production information (i.e. downtime, utilisation, setup times, performance, availability and quality). However, when presented in an accurate, timely and flexible manner that information will enable a successful improvement program to be implemented.


Manufacturing information is often initially collected and analysed manually using a paper-based system, a method which allows the principles of OEE to be established and the potential benefits of real-time connection to the plant equipment to be measured.

OEE Manual Data Collection. 


Where OEE Overall Equipment Effectiveness is new to a company or a basic paper-based system is in operation OEE-IMPACT offers the ideal next step. OEE IMPACT is quick to implement and easy to use, its flexibly configuration and array of automatically generate manual entry forms being ideally suited for rapid deployment around the shop floor.




Automatic Data Collection


OEE IMPACT DCTís are hardware input connection devices that are normally located close to operational production equipment/asset (cells/machines) to enable the collection of real-time digital signals from the production asset to a DCT and on into the OEE IMPACT Server database.


The OEE IMPACT DCT acts as a physical interface between OEE IMPACT and the signals/sensors in you shop floor equipment. Each OEE IMPACT DCT comes ready to go Ďout-of-the-boxíí and is pre-configured to accept all of the signals required for OEE (running, fault, cycle, etc.) together with a number of user definable inputs.


The OEE IMPACT DCTís can communicate with the main OEE IMPACT server over three mediums: Wired Ethernet, WI-Fi Ethernet and RS485 Multi-drop (mini only), enabling an architecture to be defined which suits your operational conditions and your budget.

Three types of DCT are currently available:

Local Single Asset Data Collection Terminal

Provides a local operator interface for OEE, downtime and production information. Plant interfaces are provided for direct real-time connection to your production assets. Log counts, rejects and downtime
Wifi / RS485 Interfaces

Multi asset Asset Data Collection Terminal (Upto 4 assets)

Provides a touch screen local operator interface for OEE, downtime, production information and product tracking. Expanded plant interfaces are provided for direct real-time connection to your production assets. Log counts, rejects and downtime.
Wifi / Ethernet / RS 485

Portable Wifi barcode reader Multi asset

Complete solution for collection of :
Production Tracking


OPC Data Source

OEE IMPACT Connect is a fully compliant OPC client and will support all OPC servers. This will allow communication to your favourite PLC and SCADA systems, making use of your currently installed equipment.

OEE IMPACT TPI (Third Party Interface)


OEE IMPACT Connect TPI provides a means to import data into OEE IMPACT from applications such as ERP, SCADA, Excel Spreadsheets, or other programs capable of output to a flat CSV file format in real time.


OEE IMPACT Connect TPI will also allow you to configure OEE IMPACT configuration parameters through the TPI interface. This can be used for updating, as an example: The product information table in OEE IMPACT and or the product standards.   


The OEE IMPACT Connect module will accept two CSV file layout types:


Config format: Used for external input of virtually all configurable parameters in OEE IMPACTís configuration database.


Op-Data format: This file type is used for input of operational production data into OEE IMPACT such as product counts, stoppages etc.

Plant-Wide Connection

Many large fully automated plants require more than just Overall Equipment Effectiveness to measure their performance and, to achieve this, they need to look at HR movement, process data, order scheduling, real-time connections to PLC's, CNC, Robots and weigh-scales and a multitude of other related information. GEMBA Solution  Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solution offers full plant connectivity and incorporates OEE as one of its many KPI measurements.






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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT





Shopfloor Data Collection Terminals


DCT  Data Sheet




" Many of our customers have never heard of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) and need to gain an understanding of its background "


"What are the component parts of OEE and how is it calculated"


"Overall Equipment Effectiveness OEE data collection manually or in real time" 



























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