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Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing Efficiency

Are you looking to remove waste from your manufacturing processes ?

Waste comes from many sources in the manufacturing environment so we have developed an effective solutions to identify your losses and present it in a single KPI, key performance indicator. Allowing a planned continuous improvement plan to be adopted to improve your Manufacturing Efficiency.


Do you need visibility of the following ?


  • Machine Breakdowns

  • Setup times

  • Material Shortages

  • Bottle neck Machines

  • Product Variation


  • Production speeds

  • Output Against Targets

  • Minor stoppages

  • Over production increasing Waste Levels


  • Scrap

  • Rework

  • Reject types

  • Product effect on rejects

If these are some of your problems then we would like to help. Our OEE IMPACT products provide an array of solutions based on manual and real time applications.


Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a KPI that you may have heard of. This is the starting point on our capabilities to improve your Manufacturing Efficiency.


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.    Product Overview
.    OEE IMPACT Connect
.        Annunciation
.        Process Viewer
.        Data Collection
.    ANDON Scoreboard
.        OEE and Excel
.        Using ME
.    Reports
.    Manufacturing Efficiency
.    Manufacturing Capacity
.    SCADA and ERP


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OEE IMPACT's continuous improvement cycle

OEE Software


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