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Manufacturing Efficiency

Manufacturing Capacity and Performance

We all know how hard it is to determine the capacity of a manufacturing facility.  The usual approach is to err on the side of caution and underestimate.  So, when the chips are down and you need to produce more than ever:


“How do you find out how much capacity you really have”

“How do you know if you have any hidden capacity”

“Are your machines really running at maximum performance”


From our experience, creating an additional 10%-20% extra capacity from your existing resources can be achieved in a 4 month period.  Most companies aren’t able to expose their true manufacturing capacity as they aren’t able to see the real losses in their process.

Customer Comments


“We believe that in today’s competitive market, it is essential to make sure we are maximising our capacities and ensuring continual improvement.  OEE IMPACT showed us the areas we most needed to concentrate on in order to do this.” 


“We saw a 10% increase in output from a key production cell by closer monitoring of the bottleneck machines.”


Gemba Solutions are able to provide a range of services and systems that will look at your manufacturing facility and pinpoint the pain areas. Working with you we will commit to a partnership of improvement to help you realise your true manufacturing potential.


Our solutions, OEE IMPACT and LEAN IMPACT provide tools and services that can be up and running in days.  We can help you to identify lost capacity associated with :



·     Machine Breakdowns

·     Setup times

·     Material Shortages

·     Bottle neck Machines

·     Product Variation

·     Production transfers


·     Production speeds

·     Output Against Targets

·     Minor stoppages

·     Over production increasing Waste Levels


·     Scrap

·     Rework

·     Material give away

·     Reject types

·     Product effect on rejects


OEE IMPACT is a lot more than an OEE system and provides a wealth of information for you to see where your capacity constrains are.


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