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OEE IMPACT Manual Entry

OEE IMPACT (manual data collection)

OEE IMPACT has revolutionised the way in which companies collect and analyse manufacturing shop-floor data.  It’s intuitive interface and feature-rich reporting tools enable users at all levels to efficiently and effectively identify availability, performance and quality and determine overall equipment effectiveness (OEE). With this vital information to hand, areas of improvement can be quickly identified and addressed, increasing productivity and driving down cost.    


“reduced downtime”


OEE IMPACT includes all the tools necessary to measure, record and analyse OEE in any type of manufacturing or production environment. However, going beyond the recognised OEE definition, OEE IMPACT provides an array of invaluable additional features identified by our clients and engineers over many years of using our LEAN IMPACT MES product in the manufacturing arena. Features such as product performance analysis, downtime analysis, wastage/rework identification and human resource usage all add to the benefits you get as standard with OEE IMPACT .


 “designed for growth”


OEE IMPACT is fully scalable both in size (number of monitored cells/machines) and accessibility (number of users) and will grow as your operation grows, ensuring that your initial investment is never wasted.  


“an invaluable tool for the future”



This powerful yet easy-to-use software will enable you to transform your production process and make improvements that will:

increase output performance
improve product quality
decrease scrap and rejects
decrease machine and line downtime

boost HR productivity

improve setup times
lower maintenance costs
lower overall operating costs
increase your bottom line


In addition to standard OEE, OEE IMPACT supports a number of invaluable additional features such as downtime analysis through the entry of multiple equipment stoppage reasons; scrap management through the entry of waste, scrap and rework data.

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.    ANDON Scoreboard
.        OEE and Excel
.        Using ME
.    Reports
.    Manufacturing Efficiency
.    Manufacturing Capacity
.    SCADA and ERP



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