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... software & services that increase production efficiency

We are specialists in delivering tangible results quickly. We can help you to:

  • Slash production costs

  • Increase capacity

  • Eliminate waste

  • Save energy

  • Optimise labour

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What we can do for you

 "We saw a 10% increase in output from a key production cell by closer monitoring of the bottleneck machines."


Turner Powertrain


 "Gemba Solutions' software is allowing us to make significant savings throughout our manufacturing facilitiy each year. Through these savings, the system paid for itself in 6 weeks."


Cascade Designs 


"Over the first three months of its use, we identified productivity savings of approximately 30,000 from just 2 machines."


Carrington Wire 

Don't think we can do it for your business? Here's a unique offer:

We offer our customers a flexible mix of consultancy through the GAIN Realization Program, GAIN4 software, implementation and support.  For those who engage with us on the full GAIN Realization program we guarantee to meet a minimum level of improvement (often in excess of 10%) and within a specified timeframe. I


For more information on this offer, please visit : www.gembasolutions.com



More on Gemba Solutions and manufacturing efficiency.




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Overall Equipment Effectiveness Software - Quick View


Real Time Overall Equipment Effectiveness




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