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  Real Time OEE Software

OEE IMPACT software and hardware products have been specifically designed to provide a cost effective solution for tracking and reporting shop floor production "OEE" Key Performance Indicators with concise and easy to use real time and historical reports to all personnel from the shop floor to the boardroom.



Real Time Plant Overview


OEE IMPACT provides a lot more functionality then just historical and real- time OEE reporting, with additional ‘included as standard’ capability to provide complete reporting of human resources, downtime, shift performance, product performance, Job Planning + much more.


OEE IMPACT  for real-time data collection can be simply achieved with the use of the specifically designed OEE IMPACT CONNECT Data Collection Terminals (DCT) which are normally located next to the target machine/asset which can connect to the OEE IMPACT Server over RS485 or Ethernet (cabled or Wi-fi).


OEE IMPACT also includes an Third Party Interface (TPI) as standard which allows import of simple XML (CSV) data to OEE IMPACT’S database. This can be typically used to update OEE IMPACT’s configuration data, or can also be used to input process data from third party software systems such as SCADA, ERP or other systems that can output a compatible XML file.



OEE Operator interface   


Operator Dashboard                                                         Job Planning


OEE IMPACT can be implemented with any combination of fully automated and/or manually collected data, providing maximum flexibility and scalability to implement your OEE IMPACT solution, ensuring you only purchase what you really need, but also allowing you to expand your system with ease.


  • Real time OEE and Production Status

  • Production Planning

  • Real time Overview Mimics

  • Operator Asset Dash Board

  • Identify your unused production capacity

  • Time Line event Viewer

  • Andon Scoreboard

  • Annunciation

  • Process Trending

  • Monitor Planned Maintenance

  • Over 300 Production Reports

  • Low Cost Plant Connect Hardware

  • Free Client Software

  • Automatic Data Collection

  • Increase Asset Downtime



OEE IMPACT Client Software


The OEE IMPACT client software is the graphical user interface (GUI) when using OEE IMPACT on a PC. When you purchase OEE IMPACT server software you also get the OEE IMPACT client software.  OEE IMPACT client software can be installed on the OEE IMPACT server as well as an unlimited number of PC’s on a LAN or WAN network that has security access to the OEE IMPACT Server database at no additional cost per user.


Six Sigma data Capture


The collection of data from the manufacturing environment is key to Six Sigma projects to identify and solve problem areas causing defects. OEE IMPACT provides a deployable platform to act as the data centre for your Six Sigma projects.


Lean Manufacturing


OEE IMPACT forms a core part of any Lean Manufacturing implementation. Being able to schedule work to the shop floor and monitor production in real time allows maintenance and operation staff to react to the continuously changing production environment. 


Once installed, we provide added functionality for product tracking, product genealogy, online work instructions and extended HR tracking with our GAIN4 Solution




.    Product Overview
.    OEE IMPACT Connect
.        Annunciation
.        Process Viewer
.        Data Collection
.    ANDON Scoreboard
.        OEE and Excel
.        Using ME
.    Reports
.    Manufacturing Efficiency
.    Manufacturing Capacity
.    SCADA and ERP


Your Next Step

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New Customers Using OEE IMPACT




"OEE-IMPACT can be used as an integral part of a 6-Sigma improvement system identifying problems and providing measured results"


OEE IMPACT Software, expandable OEE solutions for manufacturing.



OEE IMPACT's Realtime

improvement cycle

OEE Real time software




"O.E.E. identifies the losses in production via the OEE-IMPACT time line"


"OEE Software demonstration system, request your OEE-IMPACT evaluation demonstration"


"Product Brochure"





Chart setup


"Real-time OEE Software for Manufacturing efficiency Improvements" 













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